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Corporate Team Building

CSR Based Team Building


Description. Combining your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and Team Building programmes, allows your staff to practice the essentials of team building - planning, communication and team work, whilst benefitting others and with both donor and beneficiary enjoying the rewards of doing so.

Having your company name on such projects, and videos / photography / social media uploads of your CSR project involvement is of course good for your company image.

Track of the Tiger established and collaborates with the Thai registered Foundation VWB to implement community service projects funded and implemented by its clients (Individual volunteers, International schools, Corporate clients.)

Historically, as Track of the Tiger covers all admin and advertising related expenditure for VWB the foundation, and the foundation directors do not draw salaries or expenses, in excess of  95%  of donor funding is spent on project implementation costs - an achievement we are rightfully proud of.

The audited accounts summary is published on the VWB website annually, and donors may request more detail if needed.

Typical programmes suited to the corporate team building market: (They differ from the full range of VWB projects in that they do not include English language teaching assignments.)

Small scale sustainable agriculture projects in rural schools ( Read more/read less.)


Although rural schools are allocated a budget by the department of education to provide school lunches for their pupils, the funds are never enough to cover the cost of meals with a nutritional value the students need to function/learn to the best of their ability. VWB addresses that problem by building small scale sustainable agriculture projects on the school grounds. They serve two purposes:

  • They allow for the production of high quality organic herbs and vegetables at low cost, subsidising the school meal budget.
  • They serve as demonstration and training projects for students, that could also implement at home saving costs, improving nutrition levels for the whole family, and generating additional revenue.
  • Mushroom Houses - 2m x 4m units constructed in a knock down format from cured bamboo and thatch, stocked with racks of pre-packed recycled bottles in which mushrooms are produced. Small groups of 5-10 can erect and stock these units in half a day.
  • Greenhouses - 2m x 4m (or longer) constructed in a knock down format from cured bamboo and mesh that provide an environment for growing herbs and vegetables, free of chemicals.
  • Vermiculture Projects - Raising worms in bins or concrete rings to convert food waste to high- grade solid and liquid fertilser for use on the school's small scale sustainable agriculture projects.
  • Biodigestors - Converting food waste to cooking gas.
  • Seedling & Sapling Fund - We run a plant nursery at the Sanpatong Experiential Education Centre and welcome hands on and donor support for the project which provides participating schools with basic stock of seeds and saplings.

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Small construction projects in rural schools (Read more/read less.)

Many rural schools have larger student bodies than they are allocated budgets for. This is in part due to the fact that they take in children from the ethnic minority groups in their region. Class sizes, dining areas, toilets, water sanitation systems are innadequate given the number of students using them.
  • Permanent Buildings / Structures - The requirements and budgets vary, but we can work with clients to have fund time consuming work undertaken by local craftsmen, with representatives from the corporate client company playing a hands on role at any or all phases of the work - and attending the completion ceremony. (Enquire about our outstanding project list.)
  • Temporary Buildings / Structures - VWB has developed multipurpose cured bamboo based knock down style structures in a pavilion style design. They are suitable for use as additional classroom / meeting / work station areas to allow students to work in smaller groups where beneficial to do so. They can be erected in a half a day by teams of 5-10 unskilled volunteers.

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Intelligent playground construction in rural schools (Read more / read less.)


The Thai education system, like that of many other countries, focuses more on having students learn by rote as opposed to developing their critical thinking skills. Countries like Finland (ranked No 1 in the world for education) have led the way in developing more progressive approaches that focus on the development of critical thinking skills, limiting school hours, encouraging play time, and reducing homework to less than 15-20 minutes per day.

VWB has developed the intelligent Playground project - a set of challenges that help develop (a) critical thinking skills (b) physical ability (c) team work  (e) English language skills - in free and organised activities, and can also be used to assess the progress of individuals in those 3 areas over time. 

It will take the world's education systems a long time to catch up to countries like Finland, but in the interim we can do something outside the curriculum to help students develop the skills needed to better adapt to a rapidly changing world. Individual challenges, many constructed from cured bamboo and in a knock down format are easily assembled / installed / or erected by small teams of 5-10 participants in 2-4 hours each.

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