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Corporate Team Building


Since 1990 Track of the Tiger T.R.D. has been conducting team building programmes for corporate clients, throughout the region, primarily in Chiang Mai, Thailand, but also further afield in Southern Thailand, Bangkok, Bali and Myanmar. team building chiang mai

Our reputation for innovation and creativity is based on our providing options that combine the valuable lessons of team building (Communication - Planning - Teamwork) with exposure to the rich cultural and scenic beauty of the host destination and interaction with the local community. team building chiang mai

Since the introduction of the AEC (Asean Economic Community) the demands of the more progressive companies in the regional market have evolved, from seeking 'light team building' as a fun activity added to an annual meeting programme, to wanting 'full team building', to improve efficiency and ensure market advantage. We too have evolved, developing our products and services to accommodate the increasingly more specific demands. We now offer a consultancy service to work with clients in establishing their problems and providing solutions for them. team building chiang mai

The flowchart below identifies the various steps in a typical programme, and the options available at each step. The more detailed explanations and benefits of each step, are presented in the table below it. team building chiang mai

Clients may choose the level of team building they want in their programme, ranging from the classic entry-level 'amazing race' style team challenge (more of a fun activity than a team building product), to a formal team training session followed by a fun activity/team challenge programme that incorporates a review component that builds on the lessons learned in the team building phase. team building chiang mai

To add further benefit we include an optional post programme assessment component, designed to maximise the take-away from team building programme for both individual participants and the client company. team building chiang mai

Track of the Tiger Corporate Team Building - Flowchart  team building chiang mai



Step 1.

Contact us using the
enquiries & quotations form
provided. Advise us of what
you are looking for either:



Option A.

Formal team
building/training to address
specific issues or
weaknesses within the
company culture.
Contact us for further
discussion with one of our


Option B.

Basic team building with an
emphasis on improving
planning, communication,
teamwork - to improve
productivity within the
group involved.
Review the options on the
website and submit an
enquiry and quotation



Step 2.

When on site:
Programme Briefing
Safety Briefing
Break into Groups
(15 mins.)


Step 2.

Warm Ups
Icebreakers, Building the Team
(60-90 mins.)



Step 3.

Option A

Indoor Team Challenges
with Reviews
(60-120 mins)


Step 3.

Option B

Outdoor Team Challenges
with Reviews
(120-300 mins)


Step 4.

End of Programme
Review Exercises
(45-60 mins)


Step 5.


Post Programme





Step 1.

Decide (A) Whether you want formal team building / training to address specific issues, or (b) You want basic team building with an emphasis on improving planning, communication, teamwork - to improve productivity within the group involved. team building chiang mai

Step 2.

Included in all programmes - generally takes place in the client's hotel (meeting room/ballroom) team building chiang mai

Step 3A.

Formal Team Building Challenges selected to help your group address specific problems (social/work related) as outlined to us by your HR management, and ideally supplemented by anonymous worker input. team building chiang mai

Step 3B.

Your choice from a menu of half or full day fun activities/challenges aimed at allowing participants to spend time together and enjoy the diversity of attractions / activities the destination has to offer. It includes a more general team building and review element aimed at improving communication, planning, and teamwork between participants. Each team has its own facilitator (transport where needed) and a challenge manual with clear instructions on what to do and where.

CSR options are also available as a platform for team building. team building chiang mai

Step 4.

A set of challenges - conducted back in the ballroom / meeting room - aimed at allowing a more comprehensive review of what has been learned during the programme. team building chiang mai

Step 5.

The (Optional) Post Programme Assessment is based on a questionnaire document provided to each participant.

It allows a self-assessment, and an idea of their strengths / weaknesses as their teammates see them, the facilitators see them, along with recommendations for self improvement.

A confidential assessment is provided by email to each individual. team building chiang mai
A general assessment of the strengths / weaknesses of the overall group - in specific categories - is provided to the management. team building chiang mai

As competitors have emerged, we have maintained our competitive advantage and reputation on all our programmes by:

  • Prioritising safety through providing clients with information on our professionally developed, (risk assessments, emergency procedures, operating codes of practices.)

  • Ensuring product & service quality in terms of (programme design, manning levels, and supervision.

  • Providing each team with a well trained English speaking facilitator to ensure participants stay safe, get the best out of every activity, and avoid making culturally insensitive mistakes.

  • Splitting groups into teams of 8-12 participants, to minimise client's costs, yet ensuring all team members may take an active role. The programme design allows the facilitator to more easily score their efforts in terms of planning, communication, and teamwork. Scores go towards their overall challenge total.

  • Leaving teams (and individuals) to choose which team challenges they undertake, and in what order. It becomes an essential part of the planning process, as they must consider numerous factors when making their choices.

  • Providing (pre-safety checked) vehicles (fitted with seatbelts so they are insurance compliant) and drivers familiar with our programmes, where to park, our standards of safety, and the emergency evacuation plan in place. Medical pack, drinking water, ice box etc., are carried onboard with the drivers.

  • Collaborating with the Volunteers Without Borders Foundation to develop half and full day CSR projects, as  a platform for effective team building programmes for those who want them, providing a CSR dividend for the client company, and a helping hand for the rural schools/communities in which VWB works.

We have established a good repeat customer base of high profile companies. (See: Previous Clients & Feedback.)

Supporting services include: Off-site dining, Cultural shows, Interesting incentive tour & activity options, CSR options in collaboration with the Volunteers Without Borders Foundation, video and photography services.

In addition to programmes based from Chiang Mai City, there is the option of using the customised facilities of the  Sanpatong Experiential Education Centre or our sister property, the Maekok River Village Resort & Outdoor Education Centre in northern Thailand, for all or parts of a programme. Both properties have public liability insurance, are site and safety audited, and are compliant with all safety requirements.

We are well aware of that ultimately, the responsibility for ensuring the participants are given an experience that is safe, and exceeds their expectations, comes down to those within the client organisation, charged with choosing the right programme and  provider. Nobody can afford to put on a sub-standard event.

To assist them, each programme option has been created and developed by Track of the Tiger T.R.D., and is outlined in some detail, with photos provided for reference purposes. (See: Half day, Full day & CSR Team Challenge options.) team building chiang mai


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