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Travel4Good - Responsible Tourism Experiences



Concerned about the impacts of high volume mainstream or mass tourism on people and places world-wide, and with the unequal distribution of the rewards of tourism, we are keen to contribute to the development of a more equitable model for the responsible tourism industry.

To do so, Track of the Tiger T.R.D. has developed the Travel4Good programme, in a social enterprise driven (non-profit/for profit) collaboration with the Volunteers Without Borders Foundation.

T4G provides a vertical search, research and booking platform, for locally owned/operated, responsibly operated,  micro and small tourism businesses offering unique and rewarding travel experiences that showcase the local culture, customs and lifestyle of the host country/community, promoting employment & providing opportunity in the local visitor based economy.

The model levels the playing field for these businesses and their potential customers by using a transparent booking fee based platform, as an alternative to the traditional (and online travel agent) commissioned based supply chain systems that by dominating market access, disadvantages the micro & small tourist business operators, who's pricing does not generate the 30-50% commissions the traditional system demands.

At the heart of the programme are the T4G Tourist Routes - half to multi-day customised programmes - that allow guests to put together their own itineraries from a menu of little visited - non-touristic - attractions / activities /workshops /scenic areas - set along routes that radiate out from, or connect different destinations.

VWB volunteers assist these small businesses in developing their online presentations (to be hosted on the VWB database), with 2nd revenue stream development, 

Membership fees fund competion prizes, and subsidise volunteers engaged in developing the business models and online business profiles of the business membership, who in turn provide pricing (no higher than can be found elsewhere on or offine) and other incentives in the form of upgrades, complimentary services etc., where available, to T4G Travel Club Members.

Special Interest Travel Operators are invited to join as T4G Development Partners and are awarded volume discounts on products & services where available. They may charge their clients stated handling fees (organiation, planning, booking, payments etc.) but may not charge commissions.



Soon to be launched on www.Travel4Good.com

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