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TRACK OF THE TIGER T.R.D.Chiang Mai, Thailand. (Est. 1986)

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Track of the Tiger T.R.D. (Tourism Resources Development) commenced operations in 1986 with the opening of the Maekok River Lodge & Track of the Tiger Tours operation, located on the banks of the Maekok river, in the Thai-Myanmar border village of Ban Thaton, Mae Ai, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

We are well known as an industry leader for our innovative yet sensitive use of the rich culture, customs and traditions of northern Thailand, as both a showcase and a platform on which to expand and deliver our diverse range of products and programmes.

As a strong proponent of responsible tourism, we are dedicated to ensuring fair market access, an equitable revenue share for, and protection of the environment by the micro and small businesses that make up the local visitor based economies, both in and beyond the confines of established destinations. In fact we cannot succeed unless they do. 

Products & Services Overview

Corporate Team Building & Leadership - We offer a wide range of challenge by choice based programmes ranging in duration from half a day to several days. The emphasis is on fully engaging teams in the 'Plan, Do, Review' process in order that the gain the most from it,  We work closely with the Volunteers Without Borders Foundation and use their projects as a platform for combined CSR & Team Building programmes.

Experiential Education for Schools and Universities - Covering environmental and outdoor education, team building,leadership and tourism as well as environmental impact research, and service learning in collaboration with our partners the Maekok River Village Resort & Outdoor Education Centre. We work closely with the VWB Foundation and use their projects as a platform for our CS (service learning) projects. Programmes in the Chiang Mai area are generally conducted at or from the SEEC (Sanpatong Experiential Education Centre.)

Volunteering CS & CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Programmes - The Volunteers Without Borders Foundation was established to address the inequalities in tourism that deny opportunity and advancement to local entrepreneurs/communities in and beyond established tourism destinations. VWB has its 'responsible tourism' training centre based at the SEEC (Sanpatong Experiential Education Centre) and the Track of the Tiger T.R.D. provides admin & logistical support for its programmes. 

Special Interest Tours, Activities, Courses & WorkshopsTrack of the Tiger T.R.D. is the appointed local agent for the RTA (Responsible Tourism Alliance) and runs customised special interest travel programmes for its members aimed at promoting micro and small tourism businesses along pre-designated tourist routes that radiate out from established destinations. VWB is the non-profit partner providing development services and training for those businesses.

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