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Track of the Tiger was established in 1986 as an adventure tour lodge and tour operator in Ban Thaton, Mae Ai, in the heart of the rural community on the Thai-Myanmar border. As a strong proponent of responsible tourism it became known an innovator and a market leader in the field of experiential education, corporate team building, outdoor & environmental education and special interest travel.
Shying away from mainstream tourism, it focused on providing its clients to micro and small rural tourism businesses that showcase the rich culture, customs and traditions of the diverse ethnic groups in the area in a collaborative manner, understanding that sustainability, equitable revenue sharing and authenticity are the key to the future of the industry.
The Volunteers Without Borders Foundation (VWB) was established to channel donor funding from its schools and corporate clients to projects in local schools that could serve as a platform for educational and team-building programmes. It won the SKAL Ecotourism Award in 2006 for its role in developing the Mae Lai community owned nature trails in the Mae On area.
Currently, Track of the Tiger welcomes school and corporate groups to assist with our integrated solutions. VWB has developed a number of capacity-building projects - from educational programmes, to small-scale infrastructure projects, to sustainable agriculture activities. Student groups are able to take part in Service Learning programmes and gain important life experience, corporate groups are able to gain Corporate Social responsibility and bond over working in a team in a rural setting. The communites they work with will benefit from their programmes - creating a win-win situation. All overhead and admin fees are paid for by Track of the Tiger.
The Responsible Tourism Alliance is a social enterprise that has developed a non-commission based search and booking platform providing an equitable alternative to the commission-based model used by mainstream tourism, which often disenfranchises small local business. Track of the Tiger runs the online platform and is RTA's primary Local Agent. 
The journey and an expansion of the product range continues with the opening of the Sanpatong Experiential Education Centre 30km outside of Chiang Mai. It includes collaborations with VWB and the Responsible Tourism Alliance aimed at ensuring host communities and small businesses in the region can enjoy better market access and a more equitable share of the rewards of tourism - and so ensure a sustainable future for all.


A residential experiential education centre.

  • Basic accommodation & meals for group attending Track of the Tiger programmes/courses/ workshops/ tours.
  • Basic accommodation and meals for volunteers who are working on VWB projects.
  • A venue for the VWB Saturday School (free English lessons for rural schoolchildren.)
  • A demonstration project for sustainable agriculture and second revenue generation.
  • A facility providing working at height related industrial training programmes.(See. Aid Renewables below.)
  • A training & worksop venue for the Responsible Tourism Alliance.
  • A training centre for commercial rope access based training, and rope rescue. 

A resort & outdoor education centre.

  • Accommodation and supporting services, including transport, meals, training, and supervision for Outdoor & Environmental  Education Programmes (International schools & universities.)
  • Accommodation and supporting services (transport, meals, courses, supervision) on programmes for special interest travel clients.
  • Accommodation and support services:  transport, meals, courses, supervision, for volunteers working on VWB projects.
  • Weddings & Events
  • Corporate Team Building Programmes.

A  social enterprise driven collaboration for the development of responsible tourism.

  • Providing low cost, non-commission based market access for micro and small tourism businesses and their customers.
  • RTA has its own low cost vertical search based online hosting service and booking system.
  • Providing tourist routes and booking services linking RTA businesses and communities to their customers with the help of multi-activity/attraction customised itineraries.

A company specialising in Industrial Rope Access and Work at Height & Rescue Training for the industry. 

Courses cover:

  • Global Wind Organisation (GWO)  Basic Safety Training 
  • Level 1, 2 & 3 training and certification by the International Rope Access Training Association (IRATA).
  • Rescue Training for commercial or emergency service technicians and those in the recreational climbing industry
  • RAW Related Workshops 
  • Skills workshops aimed at introducing and exchanging new ideas, techniques and equipment as well as establishing which are being used or accepted by the various certifying associations.
A Thai registered foundation that uses tourism as a catalyst to build local visitor-based economies.
  • Providing English language training assistance for VWB's Saturday School.
  • Providing Experiential education /Dance/ Drama in local schools.
  • Developing intelligent playgrounds and student assessment tools for use in rural schools. 
  • Building classrooms, toilets, water systems and, playgrounds in rural schools.
  • Building small-scale agriculture projects in rural schools to help subsidise meal costs and raise funds for other needs.
  • Developing/training for local micro & SME based tourism busineses. 
  • Providing training in 2nd revenue stream development to reduce reliance on tourism alone (the focus is on sustainable agriculture)

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