TRACK OF THE TIGER T.R.D.Chiang Mai, Thailand. (Est. 1986)

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About Us

Track of the Tiger (Tourism Resources Development) Co. Ltd., established in 1986, is recognized as an innovator and a market leader in the field of experiential education (corporate team building, outdoor & environmental education and special interest travel.)

Based in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand, we offer a variety of exciting tourism-related products and services aimed at showcasing the unique culture, people and natural environment of this remarkable region.

Our commitment to supporting responsible tourism, and to developing and showcasing locally owned or operated businesses, in collaboration with what became the Volunteers Without Borders Foundation, was first recognised when we won the SKAL Ecotourism Award for 2006.

That collaboration now continues, and is in fact expanded, by the addition of, or affiliation with the following partners all of whom share the same goals and values.

team building chiang mai team building thailand Student Trips Thailand Volunteering Thailand Service Learning Thailand






A tourism resources development company and tour operator.

A residential experiential education centre.

A resort & outdoor education centre.

A  social enterprise driven collaboration for the development of responsible tourism.

A Thai registered foundation tasked with using tourism to build local visitor-based economies.

Products & Services

Products & Services

Products & Services

Products & Services

Products & Services

Corporate Team Building & training programmes, Meetings & Special Events.

Experiential education programmes for visiting Local, International schools & Universities.

Special Interest Courses & Workshops for both residents & tourist visitors.

Track of the Tiger T.R.D. is the disgnated commercial partner for the RTA. It manages the RTA platform and acts as the RTA Local Agent for the pilot project in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

As the project expands it will appoint RTA Local Agents in other destinations, or act as the default local agent where oner has yet to be appointed.

Basic accommodation & meals for group attending Track of the Tiger programmes/courses/ workshops/ tours.

Basic accommodation and meals for volunteers who are working on VWB projects.

A venue for the VWB Saturday School (free English lessons for rural schoolchildren.)

A demonstration project for sustainable agriculture and second revenue generation.

A facility providing working at height related industrial training programmes.

Accommodation and supporting services, including transport, meals, training, and supervision for Outdoor & Environmental  Education Programmes (International schools & universities.)

Accommodation and supporting services (transport, meals, courses, supervision) on programmes for special interest travel clients.

Accommodation and support services:  transport, meals, courses, supervision, for volunteers working on VWB projects.

Weddings & Events

Providing low cost, non-commission based market access for micro and small tourism businesses and their customers.

RTA has its own low cost vertical search based hosting service and booking system.

Providing  tourist routes linking RTA Business businesses and communities to their customers with the help of multi-activity/attraction customised itineraries.

Providing English language training assistance for VWB's Saturday School.

Providing Experiential education /Dance/ Drama in local schools.

Developing intelligent playgrounds and student assessment tools for use in rural schools. 

Building classrooms, toilets, water systems and, playgrounds in rural schools.

Building small-scale agriculture projects in rural schools - to help subsidise meal costs and raise funds for other needs.

Developing/training for local micro & SME based tourism busineses. 

Providing training in 2nd revenue stream development to reduce reliance on tourism alone. (The focus is on sustainable agriculture.

team building chiang mai team building thailand Student Trips Thailand Volunteering Thailand Service Learning Thailand


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