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Corporate Team Building


Since 1990, Track of the Tiger has conducted team building programmes for corporate clients throughout Thailand, as well as Bali and Myanmar, operating primarily in Chiang Mai.

Our reputation for innovation and creativity is inspired by our commitment to combining key elements of team building such as Communication, Planning and Teamwork with the rich cultural and scenic beauty of our destinations, whilst also incorporating important interactions with local communities to add as a backdrop to our challenges.

We always recommend that our clients make sure to schedule relaxed social interactions at the end of our team building activities to provide a wholesome experience for participants to take away from their time with us.

Since the introduction of the AEC (Asean Economic Community) the demands of the more progressive companies in the regional market have evolved. We too have evolved, developing our products and services to meet the increasingly more specific demands.

As competitors have emerged, we have maintained our competitive advantage and reputation by:

  • Offering top-class consultation services which identify the core strengths and weaknesses facing our clients, in order to establish strong foundations for team development in their workforce
  • Allowing teams to personalise their challenges through a selection of physical, critical-thinking, and skills-based options. We keep our activities as contemporary and exciting as possible, to ensure maximum participation and enjoyment for both management and workforce participants. 
  • Prioritising safety, through clearly communicating our personally developed risk assessments, emergency procedures and operating codes of practices. We also provide safety checked vehicles for our programmes which each carry medical packs, drinking water, ice etc on board in case of emergency.
  • Providing each team (where necessary) with a well trained English speaking facilitator to ensure participants stay safe, get the best out of every activity, and avoid making culturally insensitive mistakes.
  • Strategically splitting groups into teams which minimise programme costs, ensure active participation and allow our facilitators to better score team efforts in terms of effective planning, communication, and teamwork ability
  • Collaborating with the Volunteers Without Borders Foundation to develop half and full day CSR projects, as a platform for effective team building programmes for those who want them, providing a CSR dividend for the client company, and a helping hand for the rural schools/communities in which VWB works.

We have established a good repeat customer base of high profile companies. (See: Previous Clients.)

Supporting services include: Off-site dining, cultural shows, interesting tour & activity options & video and photography services.

In addition to programmes based from Chiang Mai City, there is the option of using the customised facilities of the  Sanpatong Experiential Education Centre or our sister property, the Maekok River Village Resort & Outdoor Education Centre in northern Thailand, for all or parts of a programme. Both properties have public liability insurance, are site and safety audited, and are compliant with all safety requirements.

We are well aware of that ultimately, the responsibility for ensuring the participants are given an experience that is safe, and exceeds their expectations, comes down to those within the client organisation, charged with choosing the right programme and provider. Nobody can afford to put on a sub-standard event.

To assist them, each programme option has been created and developed by Track of the Tiger T.R.D., and is outlined in detail with photos. am building chiang mai

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