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RTA - Responsible Tourism Alliance

The Responsible Tourism Alliance is a social enterprise designed to allow collaboration by proponents and supports of responsible tourism, a means of implementing key structural reforms in the industry, that will ensure micro and small businesses a more equitable share of global tourism revenues, whilst providing responsible tourists with access to the authentic, unique and rewarding travel experiences and interactions they seek.
It provides a non-commission based online marketplace, a highly personalised search & booking system allowing these otherwise disenfranchised businesses market access. Membership is free until the system works for them, at which point they will be asked to pay a very modest monthly fee to enter a higher search results category.
RTA also provides a network of local agents (starting in Chiang Mai, Thailand), tasked with developing tourist routes a excursions from and between tourism destinations in collaboration with Volunteers Without Borders and its partners. RTA offers its Ambassadors (responsible for reporting back on service standard and best practice compliance), the tools to put together their own customized itineraries, from accommodation to activities to half-day workshop options.
Our RTA business partners state their prices online but bid for custom by offering discounts, upgrades, complimentary services, in a special deal for each booking on a case by case basis. The advantages to all are simple.
  • The small business operator gains direct market access to responsible tourists and beats the standard industry 30-50% commission trap.
  • The RTA Ambassador gains access to a wide range of reasonably priced authentic, unique and rewarding travel experiences and assists in developing rural tourism.
  • The RTA Local Agent levies a transparent booking fee, that must that must when added, represent the best possible value for money available – from any source.
  • The tourism destinations involved, are provided with a breathing space to address issues of overtourism, lack of sustainability, and ultimately regaining control over their own futures.
  • The RTA developer, will eventually benefit from the volume of small businesses paying a monthly, albeit modest, advertising fee. 

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