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Corporate Team Building

Programme Selection, Pricing and Quotations.

The essential information you need to help design or select the most suitable programme for your particular group is presented below under the relevant headings. team building chiang mai team building thailand Student Trips Thailand Volunteering Thailand Service Learning Thailand Team Building Thailand Team Building Thailand outdoor education special interest travel

What can you expect to benefit from a well designed, well run basic team building programme?    
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The benefits, from even the most basic programme will provide a noticeable improvement in performance.

  • An increase in their ability to implement proper planning.
  • An improvement in communication between staff members.
  • An enhanced ability to work well as a team.

At what point during your main event should you run a team building programme?
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If incorporating a team building component into a meeting programme or similar, you will benefit the most in terms of increased interaction / communication between the participants, if you run your team building programme at the beginning and not the end of the event.


What type of team building programmes are available? (Read more/read less.)

Choose from our half day and full day programme menu of options under Step 3 that cover the following:

  • City Challenges- Combine team building with tourism - by using the city and its attractions (scenic, cultural) as a backdrop to deliver the basic objectives of a team building programme. Importantly, most of the challenges are of a hands on nature, and Google will not provide the answers, as is a common weakness with similar programmes on the market. Programmes are also facilitator led, ensuring much needed translation and the avoidance of cultural faux pas.
  • Old City or Rural Challenges - Combine team building with tourism - by using the crafts, culture, attractions and (non city) lifestyle of the area to deliver the basic objectives of a team building programme.
  • Outdoor Adventure Based Challenges - Range from Jungle Survival, to Elephant Safaris & Raft Building/River Trips, River Tracing, 4WD Rally's and more.
  • The Sanpatong Farm Challenge - Offers you a chance to use the daily activities of the local farmer and rural villager as a platform for a team building programme. This includes such things as: Ploughing with water buffaloes, planting/harvesting rice, fishing with nets/rods, Thai cooking, woodcarving and a range of other local crafts.
  • CSR Based Challenges - The opportunity to combine team building with worthwhile CSR projects - mainly in support of rural schools.
  • The Baht Builder Challenge - Classic team building challenges conducted in an open area (park, resort grounds etc.)
  • Indoor Challenges - An indoor version of the Baht Builder.

Choosing a programme that suits your group demographic  (Read more/read less.)

The demographics of our client groups vary - a mixture of nationalities, ages, degrees of physical ability, critical thinking skills, aptitude and interests.

For that reason, most (but not all) of our programmes are designed so that teams of participants may select the individual challenges they wish to undertake within a programme. They do so based on:

  • Their assessment of the skills available within the team - what challenges would they be good at, are suited to (physical, critical thinking, related experience) ensuring themselves of the highest team points.
  • The balance between team points available on a particular vs time taken to complete. Programmes have a pre-set start and finish time.
  •  The logistics - travel time, distance between your hotel/resort or designated control centre and the challenge site, or between challenge sites. This of course burns up the total programme time available, so must be factored in during planning.

Programme duration & price calculation (Read more/read less.)

Programme Duration

Beyond the activities undertaken during phase 1 and 2 of the programme as described above, the options are:

  • Half Day Programmes - Vary from 2- 4 hrs excluding travel time to and from site.
  • Full Day Programmes - Vary from 5 - 8 hrs excluding travel time to and from site.
  • Multi-Day Programmes - Can extend into the evenings.

Price Calculation

Programme pricing depends on several factors as listed below. Programme proposals can be provided quickly if the client:

  • Having read through the corporate team building section has a reasonably clear idea of what they want.
  • Uses our CGI based enquiry form provided to ensure a prompt and detailed response.

Factors that influence the price quoted for a team building programme.

  • The type of programme selected - outdoor options include transport and sometimes venue costs.
  • The group size - larger groups allow basic costs to be absorbed by a greater number of participants.
  • Team sizes - generally speaking each team has its own English speaking facilitator, transport and driver. Team sizes can vary from 6-12 participants per team.
  • Support staff - the basic support team consists of a senior facilitator and 3 assistants. Extra staff are added for larger groups.
  • Set up costs - some of our programmes require more organisation - so time spent, and travel costs and 3rd party provider costs must be factored in. 
  • Insurance - standard cover against accident or injury is included.
  • Supporting services - photography, video, prizes etc., where required.
  • Whether or not the post-programme assessment option is requested.

Where a CSR component is included in the team building programme the following is added:

  • A donation covering the cost of materials, set up costs, and local labour costs if included. A separate receipt for this payment can be issued on request.

Note* There is a small discount available if we are given permission to use photo-images and video for promotional purposes. Those materials would also be made available to the participants free of charge.


Enquiries & quotations (Read more / read less.)

  • Determine your team building objectives.
  • Determine where in your overall event you wish to run your tam building programme. Consider the advantages of running it at the beginning.
  • Establish your group demographic for a guide on what they may or may not be willing to undertake. Don't be too concerned about getting them outside of their comfort zone as individuals may opt out of individual challenges if they so wish.
  • Determine what type of programme you want, how much time you have available, and the budget you are willing to allocate to it.
  • Email us preferably using the CGI based Enquiries & Quotations Form providing the detail requested.
We will respond with a detailed proposal. When evaluating it, please make sure you pay careful attention to the risk assessments included, safety and supervision aspects covered, and the quality and number of personnel allocated to your programme.


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team building chiang mai team building thailand Student Trips Thailand Volunteering Thailand Service Learning Thailand Team Building Thailand Team Building Thailand outdoor education special interest travel