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Outdoor & Environmental Education

Outdoor Education

We offer a wide range of programmes in the Chiang Mai area, and they are led by qualified and experienced staff members, and in addition to the risk assessments provided, safety briefings including emergency evacuation procedures are delivered prior to setting off on any programme.

Our extensive range of community service options are listed on our Volunteers Without Borders site.


Adventure Activities  

Options are customised to suit different age groups and abilities - from biking to hiking to kayaking to rafting. (Offsite examples shown here.)


Team Building & Leadership - The Bamboo Man Team Challenges  

“Bamboo – a grass that is flexible, strong, versatile, and plays an important support role in the ecosystem in which it grows” 


The Bamboo Man Challenge Circuit represents a significant departure from the conventional team building & leadership programmes on the market in that:

  • It promotes a challenge by choice approach where the teams of 5-10 participants are presented with a menu of challenges, all of which demand a different level and variety of skill set to complete – physical strength, critical thinking, planning, communication, teamwork and leadership.
  • Many of the challenges incorporate a basic, intermediate and advanced option to allow individual team members to earn more points toward the team score by doing something they are good at.
  • Many of the challenges need to be assembled by the teams themselves before they are completed and with some multi-element challenges, component parts of one challenge need to be used to complete the next.
  • Post warm up, safety and programme briefing, division into teams and introduction to their facilitators, teams tour the circuit reading the presentation boards that explain the challenges clearly, explain the points system, clarify the time allowed and restate the safety rules for the particular challenge.
  • Each team reviews its performance post challenge, observed by their facilitator, discussing what they did right, wrong or and must improve on, before moving on to select their next challenge.
  • The senior facilitator then runs a more detailed debrief at the end of the full challenge programme.

The logic of the approach is based on our belief that:

  • Most HR departments and in fact personnel who have attended conventional team building programmes find that the old school activities (balloon popping, trust falls etc.), unchanged for years, do not appeal to or challenge their participants. They want something new, they want something that challenges them as individuals and as teams.

Part 1A. Modern Day Team Building & Leadership.  

Examples: (4 of 10)

  1. 12m climbing wall, zip wire, and abseil challenge.
    2. A multi -station multi-level confidence/canal crossing based challenge.
    3. Critical thinking knot station challenge and/or aptitude tests
    4. The Rack – a rack of bicycles powering a pump to fill a measured container with water.

Part 1B. Off-Site Lake Based Challenges

(generally only included in a full day adventure race programme or when group size dictates we need more challenges in the rotation – normally 45-60 minutes per challenge.)

Examples: (3 of 4)

  1. Off road mountain bike ride from the SEEC to the local lake.
  2. 2km kayak relay race.
  3. Medevac by stretcher – 3km route back to the SEEC.

Part 2. Local Culture & Heritage.

Examples: (4 of 6)

1. Ploughing Rice Paddies (with buffalo).
2. Building a scarecrow (team mascot) from bamboo, banana leaf, pandan leaf & old clothes.
3. Trapping/catching fish using traditional conical traps.
4. Preparing & cooking a Thai dish (for inclusion in the group lunch/dinner.)

Part 3. Life Skills

(an alternative option for those groups that do not want to undertake either Part 1 or 2.) Workshops delivered by experts followed by hands on mock drills conducted by the teams.

Examples: (4 of 6)

  1. Emergency First Aid – Drowning.
  2. Emergency First Aid – Heart Attack or Epileptic fit.
  3. Basic Fire Fighting – Extinguishers/fire blankets etc.
  4. Emergency Evacuation of a building.

Note* Research shows that team-building programmes run as part of a multi-day meetings event are more effective if:

  • They are run at the beginning of the event – as they help build relationships between participants far more easily than they otherwise would.
  • That where possible, the team-building programme should lead straight into an on-site social event (BBQ or similar), as the high of the team-building breaks down barriers and the informal setting allows people to build relationships more easily.



The Full 3 Day Residential Programme









  • Arrive by minibus or songtaew.
  • Introduction & rules of stay.
  • Safety briefing & drills.
  • Dinner
  • Ice Breakers
  • Retire to bed


  • Making Merit
  • Breakfast
  • Thai Focus Seminar
  • Bai Sri Ceremony
  • Traditional Lunch
  • The Bamboo Man *Challenge – Part 1. Thai Heritage Programme.
  • Dinner
  • Programme Debrief
  • Meditation
  • Retire to Bed.


  • Breakfast
  • *The Bamboo Man Challenge – Part 2.
  • Lunch
  • Prizes & Awards
  • Post programme debrief.
  • Departure ceremony
  • Check out.
  • Transfer back to CNX.




Special Interest Courses, Workshops & Activities  

Our Experiential Education Centre is located in the heart of the Sanpatong area that is renowned for its craftsmen who provide products for sale to tourists and export from major outlets in the Hang Dong area. Workshops available, often in the evenings (to allow the mornings and afternoons for other activities) cover: Thai cooking, Pandanus and banana leaf (like origami) crafts, Art, Woodcarving, Jewellery making and more. Activities generally take place in the bamboo centre.

For more detail on the activities available at and from our Chiang Mai base, visit the Sanpatong Experiential Education Centre page.


Local Tours

The centre is halfway along the RTA Sanpatong Route, along which are over 50 (and growing) small businesses, communities offering responsibly operated accommodation, attractions, activities, and workshops - all tailored to meet the needs of the special interest traveller.  


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