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Outdoor & Environmental Education

Outdoor Education

We offer a wide range of programmes in the Chiang Mai area, and they are led by qualified and experienced staff members, and in addition to the risk assessments provided, safety briefings including emergency evacuation procedures are delivered prior to setting off on any programme.

Our extensive range of community service options are listed in the VWB Volunteers Without Borders section.

Adventure Activities  (Read more / read less.)

Options are customised customised to suit different age groups and abilities - Examples: Biking, Hiking, Kayaking, Rafting. (Offsite examples shown here.)


Team Building & Leadership  (Read more / read less.)

The team building and leadership challenges on offer to students are essentially the same as those offered to our corporate team building cients, but modified to suit the age group we are working with, and  with variations to allow for evening activities.(For examples see: Half Day Team Building.)

In addition the construction of a 14m high climbing and abseil wall, abseil, zip wires, confidence course and adventure circuit underway at the Sanpatong Experiential Education Centre should be completed by mid 2018.


Special Interest  Courses, Workshops & Activities (Read more / read less.)

Our Experiential Education Centre is located in the heart of the Sanpatong area, itself well reknowned for its craftsmen who provide products for sale to tourists and export from major outlets in the Hang Dong area. Workshops available, often in the evenings (to allow the mornings and afternoons for other activities) cover: Thai cooking, Pandanus and banana leaf (like origami) crafts, Art, Woodcarving, Jewellery making and more. Activities generally take place in the bamboo centre.

For more detail on the activities available at and from our Chiang Mai base, visit the Sanpatong Experiential Education Centre page.


Local Tours (Read more / read less.)

The centre is halfway along Travel4Good's Sanpatong Route, along which are over 50 (and growing) small businesses, communities offering responsibly operated accommodation, attractions, activities, and workshops - all tailored to meet the needs of the special interest traveller.  (See: Travel4Good - Tourist Routes.)


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