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Outdoor & Environmental Education

Community Service (Service Learning)

Track of the Tiger T.R.D. collaborates with the Thai registered Foundation VWB (Volunteers Without Borders) to implement community service projects funded and implemented by its clients (Individual volunteers, International schools, Corporate clients.)

Undertaking a community service project  allows your group to:

  • Provide assistance and opportunity to others who are perhaps less fortunate than yourselves - by working on a project that is carefully selected to help develop vibrant local visitor based economies that provide employment and opportunity for all.
  • Make a difference - within the budget that you have available - from either participant contributions, fundraising initiatives or both.
  • Better appreciate the advantages you have been given, and the responsibilities that come with them. 
  • Practice the essentials of team building - planning, communication and team work, whilst benefitting others and enjoying the rewards of doing so.

Read more and review the full menu of CS & CSR Project Menu on the Volunteers Without Borders website.


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