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Outdoor & Environmental Education

Programme Design, Pricing, Quotations

Programme Design (Read more / read less.)

Customised programmes : are provided for client school groups on request. 

  • They can have a single focus, or combine any of the following: Environmental or Outdoor Education, Community Service, Local Tours, Special Interest Courses.
  • They can be run for several sub groups - undertaking different activities - in order to benefit from the better price per participant that larger numbers allow.
  • The programme can be conducted at and from the centre, or the centre can be one of several venues used to support the desired programme.
  • Groups may use our highly qualified and experienced instructors to lead EE/Biology/Geography programmes, or we can provide assistants to help teachers deliver those programmes themselves.

Format: Programmes are broken up into 3 distinct parts - morning, afternoon, evening - keeping students fully engaged from 0700 hrs - 2100 hrs each day.

Duration: Educational programmes run from a half day in length, to any number of days. CS programmes can be small one off projects, or long term options with a single local school or community.

Accommodation: The Sanpatong Experiential Education Centre can offer accommodation for 6-12 people in 12 single or twin or triple bedded rooms, or for 54 in 5 bedded rooms (bunk beds) with en suite bathrooms. (same rooms but different configuration.)

Alternatively, we can offer a range of resort/hotel accommodation options in the local area, or in Chiang Mai city itself.

Transfers In /Out: Options are (1) 9 seat minibuses, (2) Private vehicle transfers.

Meals: Breakfast (Western or Thai.) Lunch (Thai set of buffet) Dinner (Thai set, buffet, or BBQ.)

Communications: We have cell phone and internet access, and conform to whatever usage stipulations/limitations the accompanying teachers wish to impose.


Putting your Programme Together (Read more / read less.) 

Take the following into account. Detailed information is available on the respective pages.

1. The Environmental Education Options
  • Consider the investigation options available.
  • Review the locations of the investigation sites, the time needed to undertake each, and the travel time to and from each site. (the more sub groups you have the greater the cost.)
  • Consider your laboratory and classroom needs (some of this can be undertaken in the evening.)
2. The Outdoor Education Options.
  • Consider the options available - and their suitability for the demographics of your group.
  • Review the locations of the activity sites, the time needed to undertake each, and the travel time to and from each site.
    Note* that activities conducted at or close to the centre do not incur transport costs.
  • Some of the activities (like craft workshops) can be undertaken in the evening, freeing up the morning and afternoon for others.

3. The Community Service Options.

  • The donor funding you make available.
  • The number of volunteers in your group.(You need to keep everybody actively engaged).
  • The time (days) they can dedicate to the CS project.
  • The project-related skills level of those in your group.
  • The need for local labour to support your efforts.
  • Your preferences in order of priority - from the CS & CSR Project Menu - in the Volunteers Without Borders section.

4. Local Tours, Special Interest Workshops/Courses and Activity Options.


Programme Pricing (Read more / read less.)

We take the following factors into consideration when quoting prices for programmes.

  • The group size (Note* 1 teacher free for every 10 students.)
  • The transfer cost - in and out.
  • The accommodation option chosen (students per room.)
  • The meal costs.
  • The programme components and scheduling.
  • The evening activity cost (putting on craft workshops etc.)
  • The number of instructors, and support staff needed.
  • The daily transport costs involved.
  • Daily insurance cover for students/teachers.
Note* There is a small discount available if we are given permission to use photo-images and video for promotional purposes. Those materials would also be made available to the client school free of charge.

Enquiries & Quotations (Read more/ read less.)

Having put together a draft programme to suit the needs of your group.
  • Please use our Enquiries & Quotations Form  to ensure a prompt and detailed response.
  • We will respond with a detailed proposal, that includes a detailed quotation, suggestions for changes in content / schedule if we believe that will be to your advantage, risk assessments,  safety and emergency procedures, detail on key staff, a meal plan, a what to pack list, emergncy contact detail for parents, and a rooming plan to be completed.


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