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The Sanpatong Experiential Education Centre


Located about 30 kms (40 mins) south west of Chiang Mai city in the rural farming village of Ban Mai Muang Korn, the Sanpatong Experiential Education Centre is halfway along the main route to the less touristic outdoor activity attractions of the Mae Wang area, and northern Thailand's highest mountain Doi Inthanon. 

The centre piece of the project is a 2 storey conical shaped building (a fish trap design) constructed primarily from cured bamboo and thatch that overlooks a pond. It is located on a small plot next to the student accommodation and houses. Both floors provide excellent venues for running a variety of special interest courses. Presently we have a meeting classroom area, an environmental studies lab, a post harvest centre and will soon have a 10 station Thai cooking school.

Accommodation & Recreation areas

Our main centre accomodation can sleep 60 people -  it is a 2 story building with 8 bunk bed rooms, each room can accommodate up to 5 occupants in bunk beds, and each has an en suite bathroom.

The nearby activity centre has its own dedicated Sala (open sided restaurant) that seats 60-80 people, and has access to a meeting room.

There are also 5 bedrooms in the 2 floor farm house building that can be configured to accommodate single, twin, or triple bed options to suit the client's needs.  Two separate dining areas can also be used for recreational activities, meals or meetings and a lounge/meeting area on the ground floor of the main farm building.

Farm and Facilities

The farm is dedicated to demonstrating small scale sustainable agriculture projects that can be replicated in local schools (to supplement/subsidise school meals) and for individual community members as viable second revenue streams under an outreach programme. Still in its infancy, the following projects are at various stages of design and implementation:

(a) Composting, (b) Vermicomposting, (c) Aquaculture. (d) Vertical & raised bed gardens. (e) Hanging basket gardens. (f) Mushroom houses. (g) Greenhouses. (h) Beekeeping

The Bamboo curing facility

In order to provide cured bamboo for various projects, we have our own bamboo curing centre on-site. The aim is to produce: (a) Bamboo poles for VWBs small-scale sustainable agriculture projects (mushroom houses, greenhouses etc., in a knock down format.) (b) The component challenges of VWB's Intelligent playground project (in a knock down format.) (c) Bamboo poles etc. for other farm and centre related projects.


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