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Corporate Team Building
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Outdoor & Environmental Education
The Sanpatong Experiential Education Centre
The Sanpatong Experiential Education Centre
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Volunteers Without Borders
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Maekok River Village Resort & Student Centre

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The Sanpatong Experiential Education Centre



Location, Access, Client Base and Product Summary (Read more / read less)

Located some 30 kms (40 mins) south west of Chiang Mai city, in the rural farming village of Ban Mai Muang Korn. The Sanpatong Experiential Education Centre is halfway along the main route to the less touristic outdoor activity attractions of the Mae Wang area, and northern Thailand's highest mountain Doi Inthanon.

The centre is perfectly located to provide programmes and accommodation for our core markets.

Our Core Markets

1. Corporate Team Building.

2. Outdoor & Environmental Education.

3. Volunteers (on Community Service (through our non-profit Volunteers Without Borders.)

4. Special Interest Travel.

5. Industrial Training.(Working at height, Safety & Rescue.)

Products & Services by Market

Product / Service

Core Markets

ENGLISH LANGUAGE EDUCTION (With VWB) Volunteers Without Borders






  • For rural school children - either limited to our Saturday school programme, and or on several evenings per week.





  • For local adults - basic and tourism related English for government officials, small businesses and SME based tourism & specialised industry workers, schedule to be determined but probably early evenings, weekends.











  • Corporate team building programmes.






  •  Outdoor education (climbing, cycling, kayaking, rafting, trekking .)






  • Environmental Education (ESS, Biology, Geography, )






  • Small scale sustainable agriculture development - establishing and monitoring and studying projects intended for use as 2nd revenue streams for local schools and the responsible tourism industry (mushroom houses, vermiculture, vertical gardens, aquaponics and more) all located on our Sanpatong Experiential Education Centre and undertaken in collaboration with Volunteers Without Borders.






  • Community service projects (as above) for rural schools, and on a community outreach programmes - with Volunteers Without Borders.






  • Life skills (cooking, drama, dance, meditation, art etc.),for both visiting international and local schools.)











  • The curing of bamboo for the production of various items (see below.)






  • The design and fabrication of items and equipment used on VWB's intelligent playground project, and as 2nd revenue generation stream options for micro and small responsible tourism businesses - with Volunteers Without Borders.












Responsible Tourism Development

·         The development and roll out of Track of the Tiger's non-commission based, Travel4Good, a social enterprise driven online platform developed in collaboration with Volunteers Without Borders and aimed at levelling the playing field for locally owned responsibly operated micro and small scale tourism businesses. Especially those that preserve and promote local cultures and lifestyles, and help reverse the migration of working aged people from rural areas to the cities.

o   Programming - web site/databases (we are also keen on exploring the possibilities of a block chain technology based booking / payment system.)

o   Content generation and upload.

o   Product selection, web presentation design, photography & video.

o   Teaching basic small business management skills.

o   Digital marketing and analytics.

o   Fundraising for VWB.






·         The Bamboo Man Challenge - an adventure racing based challenge for individuals and teams - designed primarily to generate funding for the VWB Foundation.











·         The volunteers/interns would have the opportunity to join with visiting school groups on, or can arrange reduced cost training on such activities as:

o   Meditation classes.

o   Thai cooking classes.

o   Art classes.

o   Thai boxing classes.



X   X








·         Track of the Tiger is in the process of constructing a 14m climbing wall, secondary tower and confidence course on site. In addition to it being used for outdoor education and corporate team building programmes we intend to use the facility to provide industrial training to an international standard for the Global Wind Energy sector (Working at Height, Fire & Rescue, Medical Emergency Training, Emergency First Aid) as well as customised rope rescue training for the police, military and fire services. Many of the modules involved could be made available to our interns on a discounted cost basis and would provide them with valuable life skills, as well as basic training for those interested in working in related sectors.







Area Map (Read more /read less.)

Google map coordinates : 18.6262664,98.8717326

Google map link : https://goo.gl/maps/WYgdNMWCBrP2


The Sanpatong Experiential Education Centre ( Read more / read less.)


Farm House Accommodation ( Read more / read less.)

5 bedrooms in the 2 floor farm house building that can be configured to accommodate single, twin, or triple bed options to suit the client's needs.


Farm House Restaurant / Recreation Areas ( Read more / read less.)

There are two separate dining areas that can also be used for recreational activities, meetings etc., and a lounge / meeting area on the ground floor of the main farm building.



Main Centre Accommodation ( Read more / read less.)

8 bunk bed rooms in a custom built 2 floor building. Each room can accommodate up to 5 occupants in bunk beds, and has its own en suite bathroom.



Main Centre Restaurant / Recreation Areas ( Read more / read less.)

The activity centre has its own dedicated Sala (open sided restaurant / recreation structure) that seats 60-80 people, and acces to a meeting room.


The Bamboo Centre Building ( Read more / read less.)

The centre piece of the project is a 2 storey conical shaped building ( a fish trap design) constructed primarily from cured bamboo and thatch, and overlooking a pond. It is located on a small plot next to to the student accommodation and houses: 

  • A meeting classroom area.
  • An environmental studies lab.
  • A post harvest centre.
  • Equipment stores.
  • A food/drink service station.
  • A separate toilet/shower block. 
  • The 2nd floor houses a 10 station Thai cooking school.
  • Both floors provide excellent venues for running a variety of special interest courses.



The Farm Area ( Read more / read less.)

The farm is dedicated to demonstrating small scale sustainable agriculture projects that can be replicated in local schools (to supplement/subsidise school meals) and for individual commnunity members as viable 2nd revenue streams under an outreach programme. Still in its infancy, the following projects are at various stages of design and implementation:

(a) Composting, (b) Vermicomposting, (c) Aquaculture. (d) Vertical & raised bed gardens. (e) Hanging basket gardens. (f) Mushroom houses. (g) Greenhouses. (h) Beekeeping.



The Bamboo Curing Faciity ( Read more / read less.)

In order to provide cured bamboo for various projects, we are building our own bamboo curing centre onsite Image shows curing tank in place.). The aim is to produce: (a) Bamboo poles for VWBs small scale sustainable agriculture projects (mushroom houses, greehouses etc., in a knock down format.) (b) The component challenges of VWB's Intelligent playground project (in a knock down format.) (c) Bamboo poles etc. for other farm and centre related projects.



Local Tours, Activities & Workshops (Read more / read less.

Choose from the following menu of options. Also see those listed under outdoor education in the Outdoor & Environmental Education section.

Local Tours

Travel4Good - The non-commissioned based Travel4Good programme has its pilot project route (with 50 plus attractions / activities) running through Sanpatong. Guests at the centre are perfectly located to access them, and can book programmes online - (www.travel4good.com)

Village Bicycle Ride - The network of narrow roads that connect the village communities of the area, are perfect for safe cycling, and provide a window onto the local lifestyle.

Guided Hands On Farm Tour - Enjoy aguided tour of our organic farm project complete with demonstration models for schools/villagers covering vertical gardens, vermiculture, composting, greenhouse, fishponds and more. There is an opportunity to get involved working alongside the villagers to get a feel for it all.


Activities On Site

Thai Cooking Lessons - 10 cooking stations are set in an arc around an instructor's demonstration station to allow participants to follow and then implement the instructions with ease. Individuals, or groups (in rotation if need be), harvest produce from the farm, prepare their ingredients, then cook the dishes as taught by our experienced English speaking staff. The meal prepared is enjoyed whilst overlooking the fishpond in front to the centre.

Eco-Kitchen Class - In these days ofa return to traditional  outdoor cooking methods that use charcoal produced on site from maize husks,we have a variety of ovens, grills, smokers etc., that are used to produce an 'interesting' menu of dishes. The Eco-Kitchen programme best suits small and medium sized groups.

Archery - An old favourite, allows you to test your skills in a relaxed environment.

Climbing, Abseil - The wall is 12 m high and offers an abseil tower, slab, vertical, overhang, roof, chimney and arete climbing features with multiple colour coded climbing routes of differing difficulty.

It is suitable for both beginners and advanced and climbers and can be modified, added to accommodate the training requirements for professional RAW (rope access workers) and others who work at height. It is part of a multi activity adventure challenge circuit (schedule for completion by mid 2018.)

Team Building & Leadership Programmes - The facilities and activities at the centre afford Track of the Tiger the opportunity to provide its corporate team building clients a unique platform on which to deliver interesting team building and leadership programmes incorporating challenges that allow all participants to shine.

We have established 6-8 shade covered stations, (pavilions/vertical gardens) some with fixed challenges and some to accommodate portable challenges. These stations combined with other obstacles, 12m climbing and abseil wall, over water confidence course, fish and frog ponds, allow us to run high quality team building and leadership courses for our various client groups.

The programme can be extended to include an amazing race style challenge - using classic old bicycles - around the local  villages, as well a off-road mountain bike trails and lake based kayaking - all within a 2-3km of the centre.

Thai Boxing Lessons - Take a 2hr basic introduction to the martial art of Muay Thai, conducted in a traditional village boxing gym by an ex champion. Individuals and groups accepted.

Thai Massage - Traditional Thai massage, of 1-3 hrs in duration. Traditional massage is practised throughout Thailand. Local provide by qualified massage ladies from the village, can be provided at the centre.Individuals and groups accepted.



Sustainable Agriculture / Organic Farming Courses - Vermiculture, Aquaponics, Green houses, Fish and frog ponds,Vegetable grown in car types and in hanging baskets work together to allow us to produce a wide range of organic vegetables/herbs, in  a small space, at a low cost. The centre, is used to help train others (local and foreign residents) in using this sufficiency based model to grow their own produce - for themselves or as a 2nd revenue stream, enjoying both cost benefits and a healthier lifestyle.

Courses run by local experts - (in Thai & English) from 1-3 days in duration can be arranged.

Pandan & Banana Leaf Workshop - Take a 2-4hr workshop run by village elders (with our staff translating Thai-English) who have a lifetime's worth of experience in crafting these materials into designs for both ceremonial and decorative use.

Woodcarving Workshop - Take a 2-4hr workshop run by village craftsmen (with our staff translating Thai-English) who have years of experience producing work for temples and for export. Instruction on both teak wood and bamboo is available.

Enquiries & Quotations- For the quickest and most detailed response use the booking forms designed for your particular market segment. (Corporate Team Building, Education (School/University),or  Special Interest Traveller.)


Multi-Day Mixed Activity Family Friendly Programme Options ( Read more / read less.)

Programme Objectives: The programme is designed for families and or groups of friends etc. It also offers a number of activities that showcase the local culture, customs, crafts, and lifestyle, as well as community service, and a little bit of sightseeing. It also includes several outdoor adventure activities.

Clients may choose their room options (from 2 - 8 beds) with en suite bathroom, (reconfigured to suit guest requirements) to minimise cost without loss of service standard.

There are 6 full activity days listed, (plus a departure day) and guests may choose to reduce that number of them as they wish to suit their time available. There are cost saving benefits, and perhaps more fun to be had, in undertaking these programmes in groups of 2 or more families.

Day / Date




Day 1

  • Arrive and be met at the airport or railway station.
  • Transfer by minibus to the Sanpatong Experiential Education Centre.
  • Check into your accommodation.
  • *Attend a Bai See (Traditional) welcome ceremony.
  • Lunch - A Thai Food Buffet.
  • Tour of the premises.
  • Programme & Safety Briefing (with practice drills.)
  • *Farm Skills Challenge:
    • Rice planting/ harvest/or milling.
    • Ploughing with buffalo.
    • Fishing - traps & nets.
  • Thai Set Dinner.
  • A briefing on your chosen CS project or projects.
  • Relax then retire to bed.

Day 2.

  • Breakfast.
  • Depart by vehicle for the CS project site.
  • Picnic box lunch.
  • Continue with CS project.
  • Return to the SEEC.


  • Dinner - *Traditional Charcoal cooker dinner (prepared & self cooked.)
  • Relax then retire to bed.

Day 3.

  • Breakfast.
  • Depart by vehicle for full day hill tribe trek.

  • Picnic box lunch.
  • Continue trek.
  • Return to the SEEC.


  • Thai Set Dinner.
  • Relax then retire to bed.

Day 4.


  • Breakfast
  • Depart for a hands-on crafts tour (wood carving, doll making, painting, pottery in support of responsible tourism.)
  • Return to the SEEC mid-afternoon.
  • *3 Part Cooking School Programme.

a. Harvest/Purchase

b. Cooking.

c. Vegetable Carving


  • Self cooked Thai Style Dinner.
  • *Bicycle/Climbing training if needed.
  • Relax & retire to bed.

Day 5.

  • Breakfast.
  • Briefing on the Bamboo Man

Team / Individual Challenge.

  • Village bicycle ride.
  • Lake based kayaking component.
  • Return for lunch at the SEEC.
  • Continue Bamboo Man Team / Individual Challenge.


  • Thai style buffet dinner.
  • Assistant teacher training.
  • Relax & retire to bed.

Day 6.

  • Breakfast.
  • Take on an assistant teacher role in our Saturday School Programme.
  • Lunch at the SEEC.
  • Check out of the SEEC.
  • Transfer to the city.
  • Check into your hotel.
  • Take a family version of our Chiang Mai City Challenge - team building programme.
  • Dinner in local restaurant.
  • Free time in night market - shopping/exploring
  • Return to hotel.

Relax & retire to bed.

Day 7.

  • Breakfast.
  • Check out of hotel.
  • Debrief on programme.
  • Group photo.
  • Transfer to airport/railway station via shopping centre where you have lunch and some free time.
  • Continue to airport / railway station for check in.

On the way home.


Bai See Traditional Welcome Ceremony: A traditional ceremony during which senior representatives of the village welcome you, and offer a Buddhist prayer for your safety and well being whilst with them and beyond, signified by a white thread tied around your wrist.

Farm Skills Challenge: In this day and age of pre-packaged, plastic wrapped foods and fast food deliveries we lose touch with exactly what is involved in getting  rice (and everything else) from the paddy (or plot) to the plate. This hands-on challenge puts it all into context.

CS (Community Service) Programmes: Conducted incollaboration with our non-profit partner the Volunteers Without Borders Foundation, there are a range of CS & CSR Options (See: Volunteers Without Borders section on the website.) Examples: Intelligent Playgrounds, Mushroom Houses, Green Houses - all in cured bamboo and in knock down format, are easily erected by small unskilled groups.

Traditional Charcoal Cooked Dinner:In modern Thai cooking most of the dishes are stir-fried in order that they may be served within minutes of being ordered. There are however a number of fantastic dishes that need to be 'slow cooked' and taste better if done in a charcoal oven, many of which are custom designed for particular tasks. The dinner is part prepared by our staff, and part by the guests.

Traditional Thai Meals: Throughout the programme you are served traditional Thai meals in clean local restaurants selected for their authenticity, quality, hygiene and service.

Hill Tribe Trek: The forests and ethnic minority hill tribe groups of northern Thailand have had huge appeal to a segment of the tourist market, normally the young, for some 50 years. We have used our access and experience to select a range of one day trek options that are (a) not overused. (b) suited to each particular group demographic.

Special Interest Travel (Hands On Arts & Crafts): We provide access to short workshops/hand on experiences that showcase the local art & crafts industry. They offer the unique and rewarding experience that special interest travelers seek but struggle to find.

3 Part Thai Cooking School Programme: We have owned and operated resorts, outdoor centres and restaurants with cooking schools, for around 25 years. The cooking school at the SEEC is set in the middle of our organic farm project (which provides the fresh vegetables & herbs) and accommodates up to 20 students per class. The addition of the vegetable carving component allows us to split groups, rotating through cooking and carving if need be.

Bicycle Training: Many people are inexperienced bicycle riders, andwill benefit fromtraining using our customised circuit, before being allowed on the village (not busy) roads, or being let loose on our custom designed mountain bike circuit.

Bamboo Man Challenge: Goes beyond just physical strength and endurance, to include teamwork (communication, planning and ability to work together) to undertake a range of physical and critical challenges designed to assess ability of the individual and team, to overcome challenges they may face in emergency situations.

Saturday School Programme: Given the disparity in teaching resources across the local schools system, and our interest in assisting interested students from all schools in the area with English language training, we have opted to establish our own Saturday school and develop lesson plans to cover the requirements in the Thai school curriculum.

Chiang Mai City Challenge:Track of the Tiger is a well established leader in the field of corporate team building. We modify our programmes by selecting the challenges best suited to the group and aimed at improving planning, communication and teamwork amongst participants. This challenge is designed to showcase the attractions, customs, cultures and lifestyles of this delightful city.

Night Bazaar Shopping: Is Chiang Mai's popularshowcase for the arts, crafts, souvenir and other items (clothing, jewelry etc.), favoured by visiting tourists. 




Services (Read more / read less.)

Typical meals

Breakfast – Egg, Sausage, Bacon, or Rice Soup, Fresh Fruit, Toast & Jam, Tea or Coffee.
Lunch – 3 Thai dishes, (one not spicy), Rice, Fresh Fruit.
Dinner - 3 Thai dishes, (one not spicy), Rice, Fresh Fruit.
Picnic boxes are available for field trips/excursions.

Halal Meals - Available if requested on booking

Drinking water- Available 24/7

Bar & Snacks – Available from 0730 -2230 hrs.

Laundry – A laundry service is available.

Electrical Power – 2 pin flat blade plugs, 220V/50 cycle. Accommodation block has multi plug sockets including 3 round pin sockets.


Cell phone  -  Reception all around

Land line -  No landline

Internet access - Wi-Fi 24/7 – No charge (only available in the common area) not in the accommodation.

Field communications  - Cell Phone and/or VHF.

Use of cash/credit card – Cash is possible.

Transport - The following options are available.

  • Transfers in/out from the city can be arranged by our staff - local songtaew, taxi, minibus.
  • Transport on local tours - free use of bicycles, local songtaew, minibus.



Weather (Read more / read less.)














Cold Season













Hot Season













Rainy Season














Safety ( Read more / read less.)

Safety on Site – The Home Stay is well located within the centre of the village, close to local shops, school etc.

Access to Project Manager – The project manager lives on site, is available throughout the working day and on call at night in the event of an emergency.

Medical treatment on site – We keep medical kits on site and have one on each field trip. There is always an EFR trained staff member on site.

Emergency procedures – Full emergency procedures are posted on the main notice board.

Emergency medical evacuation – As above (nearest hospital is 5km - 15 minutes away.)

Risk Assessments - For all activities to be undertaken are included in our proposal document sent out in response to programme enquiries.


Enquires, Bookings, Quotations (Read more / read less.)

Use the Enquiries & Quotations Form provided  to put together your draft programme at / from the Sanpatong Farm Stay submit it to us and we'll get back to you promply with with a detailed response and quotation.


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