TRACK OF THE TIGER T.R.D.Chiang Mai, Thailand. (Est. 1986)

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Enquiries & Programme Quotations

Fixed Departure Programmes

To minimize on the number of emails and time taken to provide a comprehensive response to client enquiries we have established a form-based system. However, for those who prefer to not use them and do not mind a more elongated exchange -  you can email info@track-of-the-tiger.com.
We will do our best to respond to you as promptly as possible.


The property can accommodate 50-60 guests only. Unless otherwise agreed we generally accept bookings for only one group at a time.


Programme Selection:*
Short   Intermediate   Full

Individual, Company or Group Name

Contact Person

Name* Position Email Address*

Programme Run Dates/Times

Check in or Start Programme* Check out or Leave Programme*

Group Detail (Insert known or provisional numbers.)

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Room Requirement

Single Twin Triple 6 Bed

Teachers/Tour Leaders

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Group Notes (Age range, Special needs, Dietary requirements/restrictions, Other.)

Programming Notes - Add any additional comments, related skills or experience here.

Select the documents you would like us to include in your quotation document.

Risk Assessments
Emergency Procedures
Recommended Packing List
Track of the Tiger - General Information Handbook (for tourist visitors.)
Volunteers Without Borders - Volunteer Handbook (for volunteers.)

Select the documents you can provide us with on confirming a booking.

A participants list - Name, Age, Gender, Nationality, Passport No., Date of issue/expiry.
Detail from participants related to issues of medical concern, mobility, fitness.
A rooming plan (we will provide a template.)
A Photography/Video waiver - allowing us to record your event for promotional purposes.
Note* A small discount is available for groups providing this waiver.

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